Detox Foot Patches

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Quick Overview

1. 100% natural herbs

2. Absorb toxin, improve sleep quality

3. Dispel internal moisture, relieve fatigue and stress

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Item Specifics

Brand: MQ                                                    Application: Foot

non-woven                                     Function: foot massage

Patch Size:
6*8 cm                                       Adhesive sheet size: 12*10 cm

2 pics/bag, 30 bags/box                Weight: 0.5 kg (1.10 lb.)

Original Place:
Original Mainland                 Shelf life: 2 years

Package Size:
13*11*13 cm( 5.12*4.33*5.1 in)

bamboo vinegar, chitosan, tourmaline, VC

Storage: Store in dry & cool place


1. 100% natural herbs and nutrition. It will do good to the whole body by enhancing the metabolism and blood circulation.
2. One pair of patches one night. Do foot massage at home. It will relax yourself and make your feet smooth and beautiful.
3. It can absorb toxin, dispel internal moisture and clear foot odour.
4. With a light body, your sleep quality will be better and fatigue can be relieved effectively. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel energetic.

Active Ingredients:

Bamboo vinegar: We know that this bamboo vinegar has great sorption, so it is helpful for bacteriostatic, skin care and deodorization.

Chitosan: It is widely used in many fields like medicines, food, cosmetics, chemical products, biomedicines, etc. because of its superior characters. When it is used in our foot patch, it contributes to strengthen immune system, promote the intestinal bacteria breeding and keep fit.

Tourmaline: As a valuable natural material, it has many small crystal particles and is of great bioactivity and far IR effect. Therefore, it can increase cell vitality, improve body microcirculation, promote metabolism and delay aging.

Vitamin C: Strengthen immune function

Working Principle

1. When you apply the detox foot patch on your feet before you go to bed, the patches warm up to open the pores to draw and absorb the accumulated wastes with the help of osmotic pressure.
2. The next morning when you remove the patches gently, you may find it become darkened, greasy and moist!

Applicable People:

1. Those who stand or work for long time.
2. Those whose leg or feet are easy to feel painful or swell.
3. Those who use computer for long time.
4. Those who have heavy working pressure.
5. Those who love beauty and health
6. The people who have health problems like astriction, body odour, foot odour, etc.
7. Semi- health people.


1. Clean foot and it would be better if you have a foot bath.
2. Peel off the big paper on the adhesive plaster, and then attach the foot patch onto the adhesive plaster. Notice: The side with letters should be pasted onto the adhesive plaster. In other words, the side with letters should not touch your skin.
3. Attach the foot patch which is already on the adhesive plaster now onto your vola.
4. Peel off he smaller paper on the adhesive plaster
5. Please use the foot pads while you are sleeping and ensure to attach the detox patches for more than 6 hours. If possible, we strongly recommend you to attach the detox pads for 8 hours.
6. Next morning, peel off the foot patch bag and clear the skin.


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