Spring Festival: Lunar New Year

Chinese new year customs

There are many different versions of the origin of Spring Festival. One of is myth origin. It is said that there is a monster called Nian. It would attract people in the end of year, but gradually people found it was afraid of red color, fire and splutter. Therefore, every household affixed red couplets, lit a bonfire and set off firecrackers.

This saying, I think, is just for fun. What matters for Spring Festival is the family reunion and hope for the coming year. No matter how far they are from home, how busy they are and how hard it is for them to return home, they like to return home to stay with their family together. People choose their respective affordable way like high-speed rail, airplane, private car, motorcycle and coach to make it. This also creates the biggest movement of popularity in the whole year.

When people get home, what will they do? With the time flying, the Spring Festival customs also have changed. Today’s customs are thorough cleaning, pasting couplets, red Fu Character and red paper cutout, setting off firecrackers, paying a New Year visit, gift changing, giving red envelopes,etc.

During Spring Festival, people also can enjoy a lot of traditional food. People from north will eat dumplings while southern people are used to have Niangao (glutinous rice cake) and sweet dumplings. In most areas, fish (pinyin: yú) is included, but not eaten completely (and the remainder is stored overnight), as the Chinese phrase "may there be surpluses every year" (pinyin: niánnián yǒu yú) sounds the same as "let there be fish every year."

Chinese New Year is not only an important festival within China, but also celebrated in other Asian countries and Chinese gathering area. Nowadays, many foreigners also like to experience Spring Festival. Welcome to have a travel to different regions of China, you can enjoy rich culture with strong local features.

Spring Festival is a busy, happy and family reunion time. MQ wishes you enjoy it and pay attention to regular sleeping and diet. You also can choose some our delicate personal massagers as gift for your kinds, parents or friends.