Fever/Migraine Cool Patch

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Quick Overview

1. Effective for migraines, headaches, kids fever and minor pain.

2.100 % pure herbal extract and physical cooling, safe to use with medication.

3. Cooling lasts 8 hours for one piece.

4. Easy to use and function rapidly. Gentle to the skin.

Item Specifics

Brand Name: MQ   Application: Body

Size: 5*12 cm         Package: 6 pcs/ box, 2 boxes

Color: Blue             Warranty Time: 3 years

Suitable People: Adult and children above 3 months

Main Component: Polymer water, absorbing resin, peppermint plant extract

Product Details

MQ fever patch is of high pure herbal extract and hydrophilic polymer gel, providing instant cooling relief from fever. Besides, it belongs to physical cooling and will not affect baby’s immune system, so it is safe for both kids and adult.

At the same time, hot reviews from our customers show that it can effectively relieve headache, migraine and minor pain in sports, martial art,etc.

Soft and breathable material will not have any uncomfortable feeling, which is more likely acceptable by kids.

How to Use Cooling Gel Patch

1.Open the box, take out one piece and then tear the transparent film.
2.Apply cooling gel patch on the affected area.
3.If desired, cut gel sheet to suitable size with scissors.


Babies and young children should use this product only under constant, direct and adult supervision. Never allow the product to enter or block nose or mouth. Store this product out of the reach of children.

Do not use:

1.On wounds or damaged skin

2.If you are allergic to aspirin or salivate
3.Ask a doctor before use if you are allergic to external application products.

When using this product:

1.Do not use otherwise than as directed

2.Avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes or rashes.
3.Do not use with a heating pad.

Stop Use If:

Excessive redness, irritation, burning or discomfort of the skin develops

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