About Us


Fast Development of MQ® Store

Since MQ was born, we have made it as our mission to let everyone enjoy affordable daily health care. In 2014, we opened the first store on Aliexpress, then on Amazon and Ebay. Based in China, a country with strong manufacturing power and rich resources, we spare no effort to choose the most affordable and quality health care products for our customers. And thanks to our customers’ trust, we are strong enough to build our own website and repay you. 

MQ® Series Health Care Products

Quick modern life makes us busy, fatigued and even pain. Most people don’t care about it until it is serious. As we have mentioned, we want to let you free from this hidden trouble at the beginning. What can we do for you? Main Kinds of our health care products are pain relief patches, body patches, teeth whitening products and massager.

China has thousands of history to make use of herbs and pain relief patches, so Chinese people have accumulated enough experience and detailed research. MQ chooses those reputable pain patches in our country for you and they are safe to use and provide long relief for you.

For slight pain or just fatigue, massager is also very useful. With little cost, you can enjoy a spa at home. Body and soul get relaxed at the same time. MQ offers you rich kinds of massagers and flexible usage ways. Good health, freedom from pain and a lifestyle rich in vitality, is the foundation for all we do.

To makes you look better is our wish, too. We choose the necessary body patches like slim patch, detox foot patch, motion sickness patch, fever cooling patch in case of your need. At the same time, we have one feature product for you, that is, our teeth whitening product. Three forms, activated charcoal powder, teeth whitening strip and teeth whitening light are for you to choose from.

Corporate Philosophy

As a cross-boarder online retailer, we believe the fulfillment of our mission is nothing less than an obligation to the global community. With that in mind, we try our best to find and negotiate with the reliable and reputable Chinese manufactures to let people everywhere enjoy the benefits of Chinese medicine. For reaching this purpose, we also make sure we provide in time and excellent delivery services to our buyers. We hope this purchasing experience is worthy of remembering for you.