Motion Sickness Patch

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Quick Overview

1. 100% Herbal Relief, No Side Effect

2. Anti Nausea Fast Within Ten Minutes

3. 72H Long Effect, no drowsy

4. Small and Light Packing to take with you.

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Item Specifics

Brand: MQ     Size: 3*3 cm

Ingredients: pure Chinese herbal abstract, no side effects

Application: behind ear or below the naval

Function: Cure sickness of cars, ships, airplanes, trains

Packaging: 2 pieces/ bag, 10 bags/box

Product Details

MQ motion sickness tablet contains multiple pure herb extracts like safflower, tall gastrodia tuber, etc. These help our body adjust the control of the vagal nerve to gastrointestinal tract and improve the micro-circulation of boy, thus relieving the vomiting, nausea, dizziness, anorexia, and other symptoms resulted from sickness of cars, ships, airplanes, trains and other means of transport.

How to Use Travel Sickness Tablets

1.Tear the protective layer of the patch and then adhere the adhesive layer to the navel or the back of your ears.

2.One patch per time.
3.Attach 10 minutes before the travel and the effect will last up to 3 days.

Active Ingredients

1. Safflower Extract

2. Tall Gastrodia Tuber
3. Pinellia Tuber
4. Borneol Frankincense


1.Avoid use on allergic and broken skin

2.Not used by pregnant women and kids under 4 years old
3.Not recommend to use by poorly surgery body
4.Keep out of the reach of children and pet.
5.Store in a dry place, protected from light.

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