12 PCS/Set Vacuum Cupping Set

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Quick Overview

1.Simply best Chinese cupping set for cupping massage. Top.1 Sales on Alibaba

2.Safe and convenient. It is vacuum and without fire. Easy to use.

3. 5 minutes cupping= 30 minutes deep tissue massage. Really works!

4.Maximum results with minimum cost. Cupping massage is a well known physical therapy which is helpful for improving immune function, relieve chronic and acute muscle & joint pain, etc.

Cupping massage is a traditional health care way in China. It helps to improve immune function, relieve chronic and acute muscle & joint pain, inflammation,

arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder tension and stress. Want to try it? MQ cupping set is Top.1 Sales on Alibaba. Compared with the traditional ones,

this plastic cupping set is safe and convenient for common people to use and take along.

How to Use Magnetic Cupping Set

Vacuum Cupping Massager Picture

1.Pull the upper valve bar of the cup to guarantee smooth air flow before the treatment begins.

2.Fix the vacuum air bleed muzzle to upper part of the cup and then pull the pull rod vertically about four times to create appropriate negative pressure.

3.When the treatment has finished, smoothly pull up the valve bar on the upper part of the cup to remove the cupping instrument.

4.It is advisable to use edible flour dough to make a air tight loop under the cup to ensure air tightness when apply to the part of your with less muscle or
other position such as hairy parts, hands and feet as well as arthrosis etc.

5.Use disinfectant fluid to wipe the Cupping instrument after application. Never soak it.

Maintenance and Repairing

1.Avoid crash and scratch to the cup.

2.The rubber knob in the cup shall be kept tightly with the cup. Tighten it with your hand or sharp nose pliers in case a loose rubber knob is detected.

3.You can disassemble the gun block by yourself, and clean out dirt in the gun barrel and then apply some grease in it.

4.You can replace the airtight loop in case of insufficient air bleed before continuing to use the product.


1.Cupping treatment should not be applicable to those people with serious heart diseases, heart failure and diseases with a tendency of bleeding, tumor patient, pregnant woman, lower belly of women in menstrual period, etc.

2. The room in which the cupping treatment is done should be kept warm and without cold wind. It is advisable that you drink some hot water after the cupping treatment and don’t wash cupping marks within 30 minutes after cupping treatment.

3.The petechia( such as blue, purple, black and red) are a kind of symptom reaction. Don’t worry. The petechia will disappear 3-5 days later. It is normal if you find little bubbles on your body during a certain period after the cupping treatment.

4.If he patient feels swirl, cold sweat, chest distress and other discomfort, remove the cup instantly and drink some water. The discomfort will be relieved after a short rest.

5.Be sure to apply grease to your skin when adopt moving cupping method. Generally, you can use massage cream.


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