Review of My Personal Teeth Whitening Products Trial

 Main teeth whitening products

It may not be something you give much thought to, but the appearance of your teeth can make dramatic difference to your attractiveness. Although there are many reviews of teeth whitening products, there is lack of some real personal experience. I have personally tried three kinds of teeth whitening products: teeth whitening strip, activated charcoal powder and teeth whitening pen.

No.1 MQ Activated Charcoal Powder

I use it before I use the normal toothpaste. Since it is made up of activated coconut charcoal, it doesn’t cause any unfcomfortable feeling. And indeed it has better whitening effect than the common toothpaste.

But I choose to stop using for everytime I stick too much and stain the washbasin. It is a troublesome thing for me. If you don’t care about this point, this product is perfectly suitable for daily use.

No.2 MQ Teeth Whitening Strip

Its main active ingredients are carbamide peroxide and it is of food medical grade. It has upper and low pieces. Brush teeth, tear open foil packet and remove lower strip from back liner with a dry clean hand. In front of the mirror, apply the sticky gel side of the lower strip against your teeth, line up with the edge of gums and press it gently to make it clingy. Fold over the remainder of the strip and repeat for upper strip. After 30- 60 minutes, gently peel off and dispose safely. You can rinse your mouth if there is gel residue.

My personal experice: the material is soft and comfortable to use. It fits the teeth perfectly. And it has excellent effect on my teeth for my teeth is just yellow, not heavily stained. And during the process, you also can talk and it will not influence your normal activities.

No. 3 MQ Teeth Whitening Pen

When you use a teeth whitening pen, you should brush, floss and dry your teeth first. Then twist the bottom of the pen clockwise until a little gel flows out. Keeps lips away from the teeth and apply gel to the teeth. At last, relax your lips after 30 seconds and avoide eating or drinking for 30 minutes.

My personal experience: It is easy and clean to use and has good effect on yellow teeth. About two weeks later, you can see an obvious change.