MQ ® Nicotine Patch

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Quick Overview

1. 100% Natural Ingredient

2. No Side Effect

3. Help Reduce Your Craving for Cigarettes Successfully

Item Specifics

Brand: MQ   Color: Skin Color

Size: 5*5 cm  Packing: 5 pcs/bag, 6 bags/box

Ingredients: 100 % pure extract of nicotine

Product Description

MQ Nicotine patch is one of the best and safe nicotine replacement therapy. It adopts delayed release transdermal technology to help reduce the nicotine craving that come form quitting and help you succeed in stopping smoking gradually. The research results of International Drug& Medicine indicate that it is the most effective method to give up smoking by using anti smoke patch.

Why Smoking Cessation Patch Help you Quit Smoking

To some people, the toughest part of stop smoking is dealing with the nicotine cravings that come with it. In our smoking cessation patch, there are pure extracts from the natural tobacco. When people apply the patch, nicotine passes through the skin into your blood steadily, which helps you use your determination to quit smoking.


1.Remove the anti-adhesion protection membrane.

2.Paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of body, such as arm, thigh, trunk, etc.
3.Attach the nicotine patch every early morning after getting up and better remove it before going to bed in the night.

Usage an Dosage

It usually plays into effect after half an hour and three pieces daily is acceptable as the initial dosage, then you can decrease the dosage gradually when the situation is stable until you don’t need it any more.

The length of quitting procedure may be different according to personal situation, but same effect for painless quit smoking.


1.Do not apply the patches to broken, red or irretated skin.

2.Don’t apply the cigarette patches when you do sports because excess amount of nicotine may be absorbed by your body.
3.Stop using and consult your doctor for advice if you get a severe or persistent skin reaction like redness, rash or swelling after using these patches.
4.Keep the anti-smoke patch out of Children’s reach and dispose of the used ones carefully, away from children and animal.

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