Top Five Reasons to Use Chinese Pain Patch

Chinese herb plaster

As a transdermal therpay, pain relief patches has become our common medicine. And with the growing conern about the side effects of chemical medicine, people are seeking safer therapy, therefore many Chinese therapy has been sought after like acupuncture, massage, Chinese pain patch,etc. Why are Chinese pain patches winning more and more attention?

Natural Herbs. A drug side effect is an undesirable effect which occurs in addition to the intended therapeutic effect of the drug. The drug side effects may have seriously harmful consequences to human beings. Each year, many drugs approved by Food and Drug Administration are recalled. This causes many people’s worry. On contrary, Chinese medicine understand people as part of the nature. Natural herbs is a kind of rich resources to provide health guarantee. At the same time, Chinese doctors have accumulated rich experiences in using herb patchtes for pain relief.

Quick and Long-lasting Effect. Instead of long routine through the digestive system and bloodstream to reach the affectd area, Chinese pain patch allows users to introduce the medicine drectly to the affected area, concentrating the effects of the medicine where it is needed most. Thus, your pain gets relieved quickly. Meanwhile, many pain patch users also report that pain relief lasts longer for up to 8 hours. For example, the effect of MQ herb patches can last for 24 or 72 hours.

Convenience. As opposed to pills that often have to be taken over 4-6 hours, you just need to clean the injured parts and apply the patch to the affected parts. You don’t need to always remind yourself to take medicine for one working day.

Localized and Targeted Treatment. It is one of the primary benefits of Chinese pain patches. When we use an oral medicine to cure,the medication will impact the whole body through the bloodstream. But when you choose topical patches, you apply it directly at the site of pain. And research shows that it leaves minimum level of medicine at tissue compared with the oral medicines.

Continuously Improving the Affected Area. Chinese herb plaster not only can relieve pain, but also penetrates the efficacy to the deep, improving the blood circulation of the affected area. Thus, after stopping using, the infected area will recover completely.