5 in 1 Multifunction Facial Cleansing Brush

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Quick Overview

1.Multifunctional beauty care tool: deep cleaning,exfoliating,make-up removing, massage, skin tightening.

2.Daily Massage for 5-10 minutes will effectively delay aging.

3.S-type body design and fresh colors make using itself an enjoyable thing.

4.5 Removable brush heads, easy to clean.

Item Specification

Product Name: 5-in-1 Multifunctional Electrical Facial Cleanser

Color: Pink and White

Material: Plastic

Power Type: Two (2) AA batteries(not included)

Is Portable: Yes

Assembled Product Weight: 0.15 kg

Biggest Feature- Five Multi-functinal Replaceable Brush Heads

Soft brush: You can use when you wash face. It can help you do a thorough clean and exfoliate, especially deep clean the dirt inside the pores.

Latex sponge: It can deep clean sensitive parts like eyes or cheeks. In the process, it also helps you relieve fatigue and eliminate dark circles.

Crude polish accessory: It is more suitable for hands and feet to exfoliate and remove dead skin, thus keeping your skin smooth and firm.

Rolling massager: For stronger massage. It can efficiently promote blood circulation,delay aging and improve the absorption of skin care products to reach 85%.

Make-up sponge: It can be used for removing make up. Absorb grease and cosmetic residue.

Product Details

1. 20° rotation axis swing design and arc brush head. All these makes our facial cleanser fit the face better and leaves no part to clean.

2.Two Adjustable gears of high speed and low speed for you to choose freely according to usage and your skin’s condition.

3.18000 hairlike Nylon bristles: Deep clean the pores without hurting our skin.

How to use this electrical facial cleansing tool

Here are two examples for you. You also can find more according to your personal preference.

NO.1 Normal Usage

Step 1: Use warm water to wet face

Step 2: Apply proper amount of facial cleanser to face

Step 3: Use the soft brush with proper speed to deep clean

Step 4: After cleaning, wash your face with water and dry your face with towel

No.2 Lazy Usage

Step 1: Wash face

Step 2: Wet the soft brush and then swill proper amount of facial cleanser on the brush.

Step 3: Now you can directly clean your face.


1.Don’t use on dry, sensitive or inflamed skin.

2.Don’t press too hard. Your feeling is the most important.

3.Ensure it out of reach of children.

4.Don’t wipe the attachments with the alcohol, gasoline, scrubbing detergent.

5.Put the attachments into the water for cleaning. The water temperature shouldn’t be over 50 ℃

6.After cleaning, leave the attachments dry naturally.

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